Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Finally some peace!

Hello All,

We finally have some peace here in our humble little home!
Dancing concerts have finished....yaayyyy!!
Mind you for such a busy weekend, it was a great weekend.
Mum and Dad came down on Friday so Mum could come to the concert. I had only purchased 3 tickets because Mum was going to be busy that day, but her plans changed so she ended up coming along, I'm glad she did!
I just wished I had one for Dad to come and watch..... He ended up taking Emmi for the night on a special Grandpa, Grand-daughter date. I'm sure they had as much fun as we did. Well Emmi must have, as she slept in on Sat morning until close to 10am, which is VERY rare for her!
So the concerts were FANTASTIC.... All 3 of the kids were in the Friday night one. And they did a great Job. Noah was so funny. This was his 1st dancing concert and he fitted in so well. On the finale he was super funny dancing away making cute little faces. Such a performer! As always Rhylee and Abbey looked like they belong on a stage. Those 2 are just awesome to watch. Without sounding biased but they honestly light up the stage with their stage presence. So after Friday nights concert it was 3 more for the girls.... So you can imagine how tired they were by the end of the weekend!
I have a few pics of the girls getting ready. When I get the professional pics back I will post them too.

I had a great workshop yesterday with a lovely group of ladies...Hi Judy, Belinda, Annette and Sam!! We made some cute cards and a little box to store them in. Nice little gift for a teacher or friend. I have been doing so many workshops lately. I'm starting to really fill up the days before Christmas.

Now on a fun note, my Dad has been experimenting with Bread making. He took it up as a sort of therapy to giving up smoking... I am so very proud of him. He has smoked since he was a young boy. And honestly if you knew my Dad, he was severely addicted. He had tried MANY times b4 to give up but to no avail. Rhylee has always pushed the point with him about his smoking. and I think it finally got to him, so he asked his Dr for help. Well I can proudly say he hasn't had a smoke for close to 6 weeks!!! This is like winning lotto for me. I have my dad back without turning my head when he kisses me from the smell, his clothes smell nice now. He can taste food, his eyes sparkle and he doesn't cough every morning like he's going to keel over and die! Honestly WE are all so very PROUD! Well done Dad... We love you!
So getting back to the has served as great therapy.... And boy is it yummy! So while they were here this weekend, he showed me how to make some. Now I AM ADDICTED! To bread making I It is super easy to make and honestly the best tasting. Who would bother paying for store brought bread when you can make it yourself?
There is nothing as nice as freshly baked bread straight from the oven. And the smell that fills your house makes your mouth water. I ha vent experimented like Dad has yet. He makes all sorts, bacon, sun dried tomatoes, cheese. I'm still perfecting the Crusty White! And I must say we don't use a bread maker, we do it all by hand!
So you can take a look at my 1st loaf in the pics below.

Well I guess that's all I have for you today. I'm off to clean my house, then I'm going to sit and be crafty!!

Here are the pics of the girls dancing....

And here's my bread....yummo!

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Concert Mania!

Hello All,
Wow what a week. We have been preparing for the kids dancing concerts, yes plural, they are in 4 concerts THIS WEEKEND! OMG.... Its a nightmare. Noah fortunately is only doing the Friday night but the girls are in all of them. Its been so hectic preparing. Last week was a right off. We had Dance Photos and Rehearsals, and then more Rehearsals yesterday which requires FULL make-up and hair done, not to forget the costumes and getting 3 ready has been alittle testy at times. Thankfully Rhylee is able to get ready herself, apart from hair and make-up, so that's a help! I just know it will all be worth it in the end! The costumes are gorgeous... Noah is a Sailor, Abbey has the cutest Cat in the Hat costume, she is such a performer and Rhylee's are gorgeous too.
They are all very excited. Cant wait....

I have just received Rhylee's Book list in the mail........I AM SPEECHLESS!
I cant believe how expensive they are. Not much change from $700 and that doesn't include her uniform. Growing up seems to cost
She is so excited about Year 7, she is sooo ready for the next stage in her life. And I know this school is going to be just perfect for her. We have a fitting for her uniform tomorrow. So I will let you know how she went.
BTW.....She got her project back a few weeks ago and as promised here's some pic's of the little house she designed and built. She got FULL marks for it, so proud of you baby girl! I think she did a great job, must help having a mum with SOOOO many paper crafting products to use....hehe!

Here are the pics...

Well that's it for me, just a quick post. I'm off to clean my house. I have neglected it the past week. Then I might sit and make some cards....
OHHH the peace and quiet! : )
Bye for now x

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Bad Blogger....AGAIN!

Hi all,
I am so sorry for slipping back into my bad blogging ways, and not posting for 2 weeks!
I do have an excuse, honest....hehe
I have just been super busy. I really cant believe how time has slipped away so quickly. And its only 49 days until Christmas...OMG!
So let me tell you a little of whats been happening.....

Rhylee got accepted into the school we wanted her to go to, so we are all super excited about that. She cant believe it and is definitely ready for High School. She really is so grown up. I am in the process of organising her uniform and bus pass with the school. They need to have a fitting for their uniforms, which I was a little shocked about I must say! But I guess they just want them to fill a standard and make sure the uniform fits them properly.
Abbey has been a whirlwind too. We are getting ready for their Dancing Concerts which are next week, so she is really excited about that. Its amazing the 3 years age difference makes to kids. Abbey isn't at all interested in fashion and still enjoys being a kid, which is great as I don't want her growing up b4 she has to!
Noah is my typical boy..... Loves his Ben 10, his Pokemon and the computer...hehe. He really is happy just playing his computer games, which frustrates me terribly. I've cut down the time he plays on them so hes outside enjoying the sunshine we've had the past few days here!
My babygirl Emmy.... KEEPS ME ON MY TOES! Enough said but I just love having her around, she's super fun right now and always makes me smile.
Matt has been travelling alot for work. He is in Perth atm for a few days. So its just the kids and I, which means easy Gotta love that!!
We had a fantastic weekend this past one.
Saturday Matt went to the Races for Darby Day with some guys from his work. He loved it and actually came home a winner. Which was awesome. It was his 1st time going to the Spring Carnival, so I'm guessing next year we will be going together. He loved the whole atmosphere. He came home really excited.

We spent the day Sunday at the new Harbour Town at the Docklands. It was wonderful. Once people realise its there, its going to be super busy, but its only just opened so it was a little quiet. Which I must say I'm not complaining about it was nice not to have people pushing and fighting prams and stuff like that! But the shops there are awesome. Its where the new Southern Cross Observation Wheel is. The actual wheel opens Nov 28th, so I'm guessing that once that's opened, the place will be packed. It was such a nice day, we had lunch at a cool Tapas Bar there and also sat and had yummy Desserts while listening to a lady singing. It was just a really enjoyable day. The kids loved it, and the weather was beautiful. I must say Melbourne has so much to offer. Its a great city.
So now its going to be a busy weekend again getting ready for the kids Concert next week. They have photo day and dress rehearsal this weekend. Abbey has a party to go to. Rhylee is off to the Dandenong Show with Tracey and Elisha and me well its my Birthday Sunday, so I guess Ill be driving them here there and everywhere......Just like a good mum does!
Hope you had a great Cup weekend and an ever better one this coming weekend.
Thanks for stopping by.
PS...leave me a comment, I love reading them

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Life's happenings, Paperific and a recipe!

Hi there friends...

Its been a super busy week this week. So much going on. Kids have had more parties to at attend, more sleep overs to go to and we've also had Rhylee's Secondary School Interviews. Its been hectic.
I went to Paperific on Friday and also attended the Trade Show for Parer Companies. I have to say I was really disappointed : (
It was just the same old same old. I have to say though, the venue was way better this year. The Melbourne Show Grounds. But gees I was let down by the whole paper crafting companies. I believe the only reason they have these events is to sell there products, alot of their older stuff. I think it should be about showing Paper Crafters the up and coming new products, to give ideas on the usage of those new products and to introduce us to new techniques. The make and takes are very few and small. Meaning they only allow for 3 people at a time. Like I said I was so disappointed. I guess these days its all about the dollar, so they really don't care!

Anyway enough grumbling....hehe

The weather has been so nice lately, we've fired up the barbie several times. My kids love having barbies, but not as much as Matt does!! lol
He is hilarious when it comes to warmer weather. Out comes the shorts, off comes the bottle top from his stubbie of Coopers Ale, and out comes the barbie mate. He so funny to watch. Doesn't matter if it's alittle chilly, as long as the sun's out, so is he. Except that doesn't seem to count for cleaning out the garage, that would be too hard!! lol

Summer Salad
Well I thought Id share an easy recipe that we all love to have with our barbeque's. Its the simplest salad EVER..... and my kids LOVE it! This honestly tastes soooo good.

Here are the ingredients.....

  • 1 Packet mixed lettuce leaves...... you can use any lettuce you like, I just use the mixed packet.
  • 1/2 Packet of Baby Spinach Leaves .... Optional but I like to hide them in the salad so my kids eat them....shhh don't tell them!
  • 1 Punnet of Strawberries...... washed and sliced
  • 1 Tin of Mango slices in juice.......Reserve juice and slice into slithers.
  • Balsamic Vinegar....... Optional but adds nice flavour.
  • Handful of Roasted Pinenuts.... Again optional but adds nice crunch!

Add Salad leaves to bowl, add sliced strawberries and mango, toss together. Using reserved Juice from mango, make a dressing with juice and balsamic to taste ( I like more juice and just a dash of balsamic) , salt and pepper and drizzle over salad. Sprinkle on pinenuts.


Here's a pic of our yummy Summer Salad we had on the weekend

I would love to know what you think if you do decide to make it. Leave a comment below.

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, 13 October 2008

I dont believe it....I finally Scrapped!!

So I have finally finished a Layout after 12 MONTHS!!
I cant believe I have actually sat and scrapped. And you know was really hard. I had to actually concentrate to put these lo's together. I must admit I have been buying lately and not creating....a bad habit to get into. So now that Ive completed these 2 I'm going to keep going and try to finish a few more!!
Maybe I should try doing some challenges....what do you think? I'm sure that will give me back my MOJO!! Anyway here are the 2 LO's that Ive completed....not my best but not my worst either.

All the products used are from KazmosKreations.

Again, Im hopeless at taking pics. Sorry about that!!!
Thanks for stopping by

Friday, 10 October 2008

Twilight Movie Trailer

Ok I thought you'd like alittle bit of the hype Ive been experiencing the last few days!!
I CANNOT WAIT until this movie comes out!!!

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

KazmosKreations Workshop

Hi All!!

Thought I would post a quick pic of what we did at the workshop lastnight.
We created these GORGEOUS Memory Frames using Tim Holtz distress Inks and other cool Tim products. This class was so much fun! I was really looking forward to doing it. I made mine on a long ball chain so I can wear it around my neck. You can change the pics inside too. Imagine wearing a photo of your children, family or that someone special close to your heart. You can also use it as a keychange tag. But I like the idea of it around my neck. Its very different for me, the heritage look but I LOVE it!! Pop over to KazmosKreations to book yourself into this class, you too will LOVE It........

My Memory Frame and Karen's Memory Frame

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

End of school holidays!

Hello all!
Well its the end of school holidays, and I'm a little sad..... I just LOVE having my kids home.
We get to spend time doing the things we miss out on when they are at school.
I must say these holidays have been super busy!
As I said in my previous post, we spent a week at my parents farm. We then came home and it was Birthday parties, visiting friends, shopping and loads of other things that kept us busy. We had a great 2 weeks and Ill miss my munchkins now that they are back at school.

OHHHH I finished my Stephenie Meyer books yesterday!
I have to say that Ive been left alittle flat since I finished them. In my previous post I told you I was reading Twilight, a series of books written by the talented Stephenie Meyers. There are 4 books to this saga and I was sooo totally wrapped up in them that I couldn't put them down. I just LOVED them. All four books were brilliant. I have totally fallen in love with Have you ever felt completely absorbed by a book and been sad when you finished reading it?
I honestly felt like I was part of the story at times.
I'm really excited though, as they've made it into a movie, which will be released in Australia on 11th Dec.....Cant wait!!! Check out the preview here!

On a card making note!
I have made a few more cards that I thought you might like to see....

I'm going to Karen's tonight to do another Workshop. I will upload what we do when I get home....very exciting!!! Pop over to KazmosKreations now and have a browse. With a Special 7 day sale of 10% off selected products. Excluding pre order items such as ScorPal, Scor Matt and so on. Specializing in Tim Holt's, Teresa Collins, Bind it all and all those hard to find Paper craft products. Well worth a visit to save a few dollars!

Thanks for stopping by,

Monday, 29 September 2008

Warning LONG post.... grab a coffee!

Wow I cant believe it is the 2nd week of the school holidays already!
We spent the 1st week at my parents farm, which was great. So relaxing and my Mum always makes an effort making me feel special and at home. I felt utterly spoilt. Breakfasts in bed, special yummy dinners and just chilling back. So good!!
The kids had a ball and I just know the country air filling their lungs is magical. The ran around playing, feeding the chooks and even got to see a new baby goat! My parents used to breed Bore Goats. Now a days they just look after a few for friends of theirs. And a few were due to have their babies. We were out (well I watched from the back door) moving them into one paddock to another this one day. It was a laugh watching the kids be farm hands and help Papa round them up. But they did it without to much trouble. Well after that we had some yummy scones with jam and cream......OHHHH they were devine! So Mum and I were just sitting having a chat and Rhylee came running inside blabbering something about the goats. "Nannie, one of the goats have had a baby!!" We went out and sure enough, there was this gorgeous bundle in the near paddock laying down with his mum....too cute! I just couldn't believe that only a few hours ago we were rounding the goats up, and now one had had a baby. The kids were thrilled. Anyway we had a great time, and have brought Mum back with us to spend the final week of the holidays here. We have sooo much planned.
Saturday we watched the Grand final, had a few drinks and nibbles. Sunday Matt took the kids to Phillip Island for the day. The Kids loved playing on the beach. Collecting shells and things. He got some great pics, I will upload them later as he took them on his phone and hes taken it with him to work.

On the me front...
My mum is a great reader and reads books all the time. I would love to be able to do the same but don't find the time or Patience to finish them off, bad I know. But I was recommended a book a few weeks ago by a friend and decided Id buy it. Its called 'Twilight' by Stephanie Meyers......
OMG.....I am totally addicted to this series of books. I started the 1st while at the farm, then had to to Fgate on Sat and by the 2nd book 'New Moon' and I finished that yesterday.....I have NEVER finished a book in a day before, but I couldn't put it down! It was awesome. And I think I'm secretly in love with Edward the main character....hehe. A dreamy 108 year old Vampire!! hehe yep its a romance set in modern day about a teenage girl sent to live with her Father. And she meets and falls in love with a Vampire. Now when I was first told about this book, I screwed up my nose. Not really my cup of tea, BUT its pardon the pun... me in completely. I am now going to go this afternoon and buy the 3rd book 'ECLIPSE' and fall deeper into Edwards and Bella's world! I recommend anyone who likes to read to grab the 1st installment 'Twilight' and have a read, you'll love it.

The girls are having friends over to stay tomorrow , which should be fun for them. I have a workshop to do Wed..... hi Rose! And Thursday we are meeting with my old school friends for Lunch. Soooo looking forward to that! I love catching up with them.
Well I guess I will leave it at that, I have to get my butt into gear and get down to Fgate to pick up my book...... I know Edward will be waiting for me!!!


Friday, 19 September 2008

My weeks ramblings and a few cards....

Well hello there!
I guess I havent been too bad with the post's, it is only a week (nearly) since my last one!
So Im going to say thats BRILLIANT for me....hehe.

This week has gone super fast. I feel like it was only yesterday that we had beautiful sun-shining weather for the weekend. Maybe I'm getting old?!? Speaking of my weekend, I survived my Kids Craft parties! They were a great group of kids, with so much creativity. Beck the little girl whos party I did Sunday, is soooo creative. Im sure that little girl is going to be an art teacher, designer or something along those lines! It was a great weekend of kids workshops anyway.

As for the rest of the week, Tues I completed a workshop with Karen over at
kazmoskreations. Karen is ADDICTED to Tim Holtz, and has added to our
workshops by doing her own using Tim's Products. It was brilliant, you can tell she loves using his products. You know when you see a certain product but you dont know how to use it? Well this helps with that. There are so many cool Techniques and things to learn. So pop over to the website and book a class today for Tim Holts Technique Tuesdays. You''ll be glad you did!!

I also have a few cards that Ive done, that I thought Id share.
They are inspired by my favourite Talented ladies over at Papertrey Ink. These ladies TOTALLY inspire me. I love their work and their Stamp designs.
So here a few of my cards......

Please excuse my photo taking, Im so not a Photographer YET!
And I didnt edit any of these.
Well Im off to relax for abit.
Ill pop back tomorrow to post a LO Ive been working on that I need to tweak alittle!!!

Happy Friday.......