Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Concert Mania!

Hello All,
Wow what a week. We have been preparing for the kids dancing concerts, yes plural, they are in 4 concerts THIS WEEKEND! OMG.... Its a nightmare. Noah fortunately is only doing the Friday night but the girls are in all of them. Its been so hectic preparing. Last week was a right off. We had Dance Photos and Rehearsals, and then more Rehearsals yesterday which requires FULL make-up and hair done, not to forget the costumes and getting 3 ready has been alittle testy at times. Thankfully Rhylee is able to get ready herself, apart from hair and make-up, so that's a help! I just know it will all be worth it in the end! The costumes are gorgeous... Noah is a Sailor, Abbey has the cutest Cat in the Hat costume, she is such a performer and Rhylee's are gorgeous too.
They are all very excited. Cant wait....

I have just received Rhylee's Book list in the mail........I AM SPEECHLESS!
I cant believe how expensive they are. Not much change from $700 and that doesn't include her uniform. Growing up seems to cost
She is so excited about Year 7, she is sooo ready for the next stage in her life. And I know this school is going to be just perfect for her. We have a fitting for her uniform tomorrow. So I will let you know how she went.
BTW.....She got her project back a few weeks ago and as promised here's some pic's of the little house she designed and built. She got FULL marks for it, so proud of you baby girl! I think she did a great job, must help having a mum with SOOOO many paper crafting products to use....hehe!

Here are the pics...

Well that's it for me, just a quick post. I'm off to clean my house. I have neglected it the past week. Then I might sit and make some cards....
OHHH the peace and quiet! : )
Bye for now x


Lita said...

Great job your DD did - fantastic! Sitting and making cards sounds lovely..

kim said...

sal her house looks absolutely fantastic
great job rhylee!!! :)
see you soon sal xo

kaz said...

Congratulations Rhylee on getting into your new school, & your project is absolutely fabulous.
Yes it does help to have a houseful of scrap stuff on hand. Hope your concert went well & you can all relax at last.