Monday, 29 September 2008

Warning LONG post.... grab a coffee!

Wow I cant believe it is the 2nd week of the school holidays already!
We spent the 1st week at my parents farm, which was great. So relaxing and my Mum always makes an effort making me feel special and at home. I felt utterly spoilt. Breakfasts in bed, special yummy dinners and just chilling back. So good!!
The kids had a ball and I just know the country air filling their lungs is magical. The ran around playing, feeding the chooks and even got to see a new baby goat! My parents used to breed Bore Goats. Now a days they just look after a few for friends of theirs. And a few were due to have their babies. We were out (well I watched from the back door) moving them into one paddock to another this one day. It was a laugh watching the kids be farm hands and help Papa round them up. But they did it without to much trouble. Well after that we had some yummy scones with jam and cream......OHHHH they were devine! So Mum and I were just sitting having a chat and Rhylee came running inside blabbering something about the goats. "Nannie, one of the goats have had a baby!!" We went out and sure enough, there was this gorgeous bundle in the near paddock laying down with his mum....too cute! I just couldn't believe that only a few hours ago we were rounding the goats up, and now one had had a baby. The kids were thrilled. Anyway we had a great time, and have brought Mum back with us to spend the final week of the holidays here. We have sooo much planned.
Saturday we watched the Grand final, had a few drinks and nibbles. Sunday Matt took the kids to Phillip Island for the day. The Kids loved playing on the beach. Collecting shells and things. He got some great pics, I will upload them later as he took them on his phone and hes taken it with him to work.

On the me front...
My mum is a great reader and reads books all the time. I would love to be able to do the same but don't find the time or Patience to finish them off, bad I know. But I was recommended a book a few weeks ago by a friend and decided Id buy it. Its called 'Twilight' by Stephanie Meyers......
OMG.....I am totally addicted to this series of books. I started the 1st while at the farm, then had to to Fgate on Sat and by the 2nd book 'New Moon' and I finished that yesterday.....I have NEVER finished a book in a day before, but I couldn't put it down! It was awesome. And I think I'm secretly in love with Edward the main character....hehe. A dreamy 108 year old Vampire!! hehe yep its a romance set in modern day about a teenage girl sent to live with her Father. And she meets and falls in love with a Vampire. Now when I was first told about this book, I screwed up my nose. Not really my cup of tea, BUT its pardon the pun... me in completely. I am now going to go this afternoon and buy the 3rd book 'ECLIPSE' and fall deeper into Edwards and Bella's world! I recommend anyone who likes to read to grab the 1st installment 'Twilight' and have a read, you'll love it.

The girls are having friends over to stay tomorrow , which should be fun for them. I have a workshop to do Wed..... hi Rose! And Thursday we are meeting with my old school friends for Lunch. Soooo looking forward to that! I love catching up with them.
Well I guess I will leave it at that, I have to get my butt into gear and get down to Fgate to pick up my book...... I know Edward will be waiting for me!!!



Lita said...

The stay at the farm sounds heavenly!!
I really must read Twilight for myself - my BFF can't stop raving about it!