Thursday, 6 November 2008

Bad Blogger....AGAIN!

Hi all,
I am so sorry for slipping back into my bad blogging ways, and not posting for 2 weeks!
I do have an excuse, honest....hehe
I have just been super busy. I really cant believe how time has slipped away so quickly. And its only 49 days until Christmas...OMG!
So let me tell you a little of whats been happening.....

Rhylee got accepted into the school we wanted her to go to, so we are all super excited about that. She cant believe it and is definitely ready for High School. She really is so grown up. I am in the process of organising her uniform and bus pass with the school. They need to have a fitting for their uniforms, which I was a little shocked about I must say! But I guess they just want them to fill a standard and make sure the uniform fits them properly.
Abbey has been a whirlwind too. We are getting ready for their Dancing Concerts which are next week, so she is really excited about that. Its amazing the 3 years age difference makes to kids. Abbey isn't at all interested in fashion and still enjoys being a kid, which is great as I don't want her growing up b4 she has to!
Noah is my typical boy..... Loves his Ben 10, his Pokemon and the computer...hehe. He really is happy just playing his computer games, which frustrates me terribly. I've cut down the time he plays on them so hes outside enjoying the sunshine we've had the past few days here!
My babygirl Emmy.... KEEPS ME ON MY TOES! Enough said but I just love having her around, she's super fun right now and always makes me smile.
Matt has been travelling alot for work. He is in Perth atm for a few days. So its just the kids and I, which means easy Gotta love that!!
We had a fantastic weekend this past one.
Saturday Matt went to the Races for Darby Day with some guys from his work. He loved it and actually came home a winner. Which was awesome. It was his 1st time going to the Spring Carnival, so I'm guessing next year we will be going together. He loved the whole atmosphere. He came home really excited.

We spent the day Sunday at the new Harbour Town at the Docklands. It was wonderful. Once people realise its there, its going to be super busy, but its only just opened so it was a little quiet. Which I must say I'm not complaining about it was nice not to have people pushing and fighting prams and stuff like that! But the shops there are awesome. Its where the new Southern Cross Observation Wheel is. The actual wheel opens Nov 28th, so I'm guessing that once that's opened, the place will be packed. It was such a nice day, we had lunch at a cool Tapas Bar there and also sat and had yummy Desserts while listening to a lady singing. It was just a really enjoyable day. The kids loved it, and the weather was beautiful. I must say Melbourne has so much to offer. Its a great city.
So now its going to be a busy weekend again getting ready for the kids Concert next week. They have photo day and dress rehearsal this weekend. Abbey has a party to go to. Rhylee is off to the Dandenong Show with Tracey and Elisha and me well its my Birthday Sunday, so I guess Ill be driving them here there and everywhere......Just like a good mum does!
Hope you had a great Cup weekend and an ever better one this coming weekend.
Thanks for stopping by.
PS...leave me a comment, I love reading them


kim said...

Hey Sally,
Love the Blog, its great cant wait to read more.... we did have a great cup weekend we went camping... sounds like you guys had a great one..... and please don't scare me about xmas as i haven't even started my xmas shopping and im usually sooo organized about it!!
anyway your blog is awesome so keep your blogging coming!!
love kimmy
hope you have a fantastic birthday and matt and the kids spoil you rotten, did you check with matt about the bbq in a few weeks?>