Tuesday, 7 October 2008

End of school holidays!

Hello all!
Well its the end of school holidays, and I'm a little sad..... I just LOVE having my kids home.
We get to spend time doing the things we miss out on when they are at school.
I must say these holidays have been super busy!
As I said in my previous post, we spent a week at my parents farm. We then came home and it was Birthday parties, visiting friends, shopping and loads of other things that kept us busy. We had a great 2 weeks and Ill miss my munchkins now that they are back at school.

OHHHH I finished my Stephenie Meyer books yesterday!
I have to say that Ive been left alittle flat since I finished them. In my previous post I told you I was reading Twilight, a series of books written by the talented Stephenie Meyers. There are 4 books to this saga and I was sooo totally wrapped up in them that I couldn't put them down. I just LOVED them. All four books were brilliant. I have totally fallen in love with Edward....lol. Have you ever felt completely absorbed by a book and been sad when you finished reading it?
I honestly felt like I was part of the story at times.
I'm really excited though, as they've made it into a movie, which will be released in Australia on 11th Dec.....Cant wait!!! Check out the preview here!

On a card making note!
I have made a few more cards that I thought you might like to see....

I'm going to Karen's tonight to do another Workshop. I will upload what we do when I get home....very exciting!!! Pop over to KazmosKreations now and have a browse. With a Special 7 day sale of 10% off selected products. Excluding pre order items such as ScorPal, Scor Matt and so on. Specializing in Tim Holt's, Teresa Collins, Bind it all and all those hard to find Paper craft products. Well worth a visit to save a few dollars!

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Lita said...

LOVE those cards Sally! The first one especially, the colours and stripes win my vote easily lol

Karen said...

Beautiful cards Sally :) I'm Karen (who was with lita at Kazmos workshop the other week). what's on for tonights workshop?